Saturday, March 25, 2006

Everybody please rise

I admit, it's hard to make lait to Assunta de Rossi for the simple reason that we generally like her for her awesome natural beauty, her awesome natural knack for looking good in anything she wears, and her awesome natural lack of breeding.

But just because of she has that awesome naturalness at achieving whatever goal she puts her pretty little head into, including snagging the short and portly and uber-rich Jules Ledesma, doesn't mean she could get away with everything.

After all, one should not decorate a national flag with black lace and then actually wear it to an event. Bad enough that we don't even know what country the flag stands for, in which case we just assume it's a flag decorated with black lace and reworked as a shapeless dress, which is even worse. Better if it had been the Philippine flag, sequinned and beaded and stuck to death with feathers, and then Assunta could have looked more definitive, like Bjork by way of Larry Flynt trying to be Tessa Prieto-Valdez


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