Sunday, December 17, 2006

The covering

There's absolutely nothing mystical about Mystica. Sure, her entire corporal identity has already been horribly altered -- hair colored, nails pasted over, skin bleached, pupils color-contact-lensed, armpits and pudenda waxed, and so on and so forth -- and we might wonder what she looked like before her transmogrification, but we can only assume that she looked even worse, and we don't want to waste time wondering about that, as we are already given enough fodder for thought with her constant demystification of herself.

She does, however, come across as being quite impoverished, as she seems to never have enough funds for any outerwear after having spent for the upkeep of said transmogrification and demystification. She always seems to be dressed in modified underwear, and they're not even Victoria's Secret. Take, for instance, this blue lace body suit with the opaque metallic silver covering the legs from the mid-thigh downwards. It looks rather of the cheap and itchy kind, and she would feel cold inside a mall or a cab. And she has a strange sense of modesty, too. I mean, if one has a choice of which body part to cover, i would imagine that one's last choice would be one's knees.

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