Monday, January 08, 2007


I honestly never thought Vilma Santos would make it to this blog more than once, and via a contemporary photograph, and I have taken much of the morning deliberating on this choice, but see for yourselves. Not only is she wearing the vile bubble skirt...

...she is also wearing an extremely large necklace made entirely out of clams.

Also, the shoes are quite off. I would imagine a veteran actress and a city mayor who is married to a senator and is a mother to one grown man -- plus one little boy -- would not wear open-toed shoes with hose. Pumps would have been more appropriate, but we understand how difficult it must have been to select the right footwear, as she is wearing the vile bubble skirt and her extremely large necklace, which turns out to be the collar of her dress after all, is made entirely out of clams.

[Photo from Yes! magazine.]

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