Sunday, January 07, 2007


Wow. This photograph is proof that Carla Humphries has another talent other than smiling broadly at the camera to show her thirty-two bleached and polished and cavity-free teeth. Apparently, she has a natural knack for dress engineering, as when she has forgone the use of a push-up bra and has used her ruched red leather belt with a black shiny accent instead. which explained why said belt is not on her waist, as convention and the nature of belts dictate, but on the area right underneath her breasts. Notice, also, that it is not apparent how the belt is fastened, unless the aforementioned black shiny accent is a closure in disguise, which will go perfectly well with the entire theme of how the belt is used, specifically, as a breast support in disguise, and/or as a belt in disquise as a breast support. Although this makes me wonder if this belt-slash-breast-support is actually a headband from the eighties that had already enlarged and deformed itself from old age, and so if Carla Humphries makes a turn, we would see that the belt is actually clamped onto her midriff and not wrapped tightly against it, which in turn would also amaze me even more at Carla Humphries' fantastic philosophy of using things for purposes other than what they were invented for.

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