Sunday, December 31, 2006

Somebody burst this, please

The bubble skirt is one of the most disgusting inventions of mankind, ranking high up there on the list together with those tiny "Cleopatra" nose-springs that desperate pug-nosed women can insert into their nostrils to pull them upwards from the inside, Hello Kitty, and Britney Spears. The bubble skirt is not only ugly, it also greatly detracts from the dignity of the wearer by making her look as if she were wearing adult diapers underneath.

Just look at Maja Salvador. Now even Sandara Park looks more dignified than her, and that says a lot. Of course I do not credit the bubble skirt entirely for the gross ugliness that this photograph seems to be showcasing. To some extent, it is also the clownish, undignified dance move, which sort of makes me wonder if stylishly-dressed people would dance this way. Hmm. Probably not. So this takes me back to crediting the vile bubble skirt with everything vile in this photograph. It makes people act like clowns and incontinent adults, which is just the worst combination ever.

[Photo from The Buzz! magazine.]

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