Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mystery solved

Whoever said that Filipinas do not know how to dress appropriately for any occasion? Case in point: Asia Agcaoili.

Note the tight, flowery tube top decorated with a fake flower which is in turn decorated with about two dozen silk ribbons that presumably hang to somewhere within the vicinity of her pelvis. Note, too, the two kinds of shoulder straps concentrated on just her right shoulder, the two different necklaces layered on her neck, the colored bangs that are covering her left eye, and the white hat with a red sash that perches awkwardly on her head, as if she wanted to plop something on her head because her outfit wasn't dressy enough yet she didn't want to smush her hairdo so much.

Now, where would one wear an outfit like this, hairy-looking foreigner by her side notwithstanding?

To a bordello?

Ah, to a dj's booth, where she does her hip little dj thing with her right eye doing the work of two eyes because her left eye is covered with the bangs, doing a little spinning while her double strap on her right shoulder keeps falling over that shoulder, and her left shoulder is busy keeping the dj's headphones in place, because said headphones cannot be worn properly as her head is already occupied by aforementioned white hat with red sash.

So this is what female djs wear to work. No wonder there are so little of them. It's such a difficult, difficult job and I bet they get stiff necks all the time, and pneumonia.

[Photo from Yes! magazine.]

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Anonymous PretensiaLicious said...

painfully reminds me of mystica.

3:41 PM  

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