Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Just a suggestion

Regine Velasquez has had the same look for over four years now. Short shiny bobbed hair, long dresses with no sleeves and with necklines that drop to the waist to show her cleavage.

The color and print of the dresses may change, but the structure is the same. And no matter what the occasion, it's always, always this look. Sometimes I get the feeling she just keeps dyeing them or changing the appliques or adding glitter to the same exact set of, well, 10 dresses. Take all her photos for the past four years, render them in silhouette, and you have a long string of cutout people like the art project we all had to do at some point or another in grade school.

Perhaps for her New year's resolution she can include "start wearing sleeves and a different bodice and neckline, and stop dating married men and/or those who are already involved."

[Photos from pinoy.rickey.org]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

redundant v-necks...redundant a-lines...

10:54 PM  

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