Wednesday, December 27, 2006

To thine own self be true

And here we have another case of an actor waking up one morning not sure of his own identity.

In the case of Deither Ocampo, he believes he is George Estregan, him of the sideburns, the eerily thin mustachio, the layers of string necklaces peeking from an embroidered shirt open to show the sweaty chest, shiny pants, and sharp-toed shoes.

He has gone the way of Regine Velasquez thinking she is Mariah Carey, Geneva Cruz thinking she is Toni Braxton, Borgy Manotoc thinking he is Rudolph Valentino, Eric Santos thinking he is Ruffa Mae Quinto, and Maui Taylor thinking she is part British royalty. And that's just too bad for Diether. I've always thought that if an actor like him would have an attack of mild schizophrenia, he'd be thinking he's, well, George Clooney. And this look of his is just not it.

[Photo from The Buzz magazine.]

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Blogger Bryan Anthony the First said...

eric thinking he's ruffa mae...har har!!!

5:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

most of the celebs featured here should be arrested for fashion crimes!!!

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Aling Claring said...


Knows mo ba kung saan nagpa-burda ng shirt niya si Diet??

Kasi naghahanap ako ng bordadera...Magma-madrina kasi ako sa kasal...

11:16 PM  

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