Sunday, December 24, 2006

The sleepwear look

So Cindy Kurleto woke up one morning and decided to just throw a robe over her camisole top from the night before and go stand in front of a lot of people with a microphone, and smile and pretend that she has already brushed her teeth. Never mind her hair, which she probably wore that way while asleep, and her makeup, which looks as if it were a remnant of the day before, and that she had even forgotten her Silverworks bling-bling, which would have taken the attention off her rumpled tired-from-yesterday look. At least her lips look properly glossed-over, courtesy of her greasy tocino-sinangag-and-itlog breakfast.

At least I am assuming that this photo was taken in the morning. And I do fervently hope it was taken in the morning. Otherwise, I would have no explanation to offer for why she had been running around in sleepwear and stale makeup the entire day looking puffy and dishevelled.

But come to think of it, I can always come up with something, although I prefer to let it go for now and just give her the benefit of the doubt because it's Christmas.

[Photo from Yes! magazine.]


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