Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Twenty years indeed

Regine Velasquez, at the concert she held toward the end of 2006 to celebrate her first twenty years in showbusiness, was apparently an attempt to prove that she could change her fashion style.

Note the hair extensions, and the mound of densely-packed pink tissue paper that she seemed to have embedded herself in.

And below, notice the shimmering purple tights and a black lace mini-dress, accessorized with what looks like one of those flexible and stretchable headbands made of jointed plastic sticks, and what seems to be a several layers of gold chain necklaces, which we cannot see very well under the hair extensions.

And finally, the culmination of all that is bad in her twenty years of showbusiness -- bar Ogie Alcasid -- that somehow fills me with horror over what the next twenty years of her showbiz life would be like:

It looks like an angry puppy dog tore out a part of her skirt, which I suspect could be part of a plan, as she is smiling smugly, proud to be, ah, showing off parts of her anatomy that were meant to be kept hidden not out of modesty but out of shame.

I actually watched the concert in its delayed telecast on television, rapt with the ugliness of it all, and kept at the edge of my seat by the excitement over what Regine Velasquez would be wearing next, and the night ended with one rather horrifying thought in my mind: Does she, in fact, secretly wish she was more like Mystica? This would at least explain the fashion and the men.

[Photos from Starstruck magazine.]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha-ha-ha!!! I really enjoy this!!!!
Di ba maka-afford ng stylists ang mga celebrities natin, to think na they earn tons of money?????

1:56 PM  

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