Sunday, January 21, 2007

Variations on a theme: The flower dress from hell

I'm not sure if this is a fad. First, we have Kitkat dressing up like a badly-rendered origami tulip and ending up looking like a giant flower-like alien from a horror sci-fi movie at the Metro Manila Filmfest Awards, as shown in a photo from a previous post and reposted here:

Then we have Jennylyn Mercado looking like a giant flower that has already wilted at the Luna Awards, an image further encouraged by the wilted-flower color of her dress.

Furthermore, it seems like the petals have grown into her arms and have eaten most of them away, leaving her hands just hanging there, dead and immobile and ineffectual, and it was after this meal that they died, poisoned by something remotely reptilian in Jennylyn's blood.

Kitkat's petals shoot upwards, in fear of the ground that she has trodden on and has thus rendered barren, while Jennylyn's petals droop downwards, perhaps to try to get away from the face that had launched a thousand love triangles, with her always being the inevitably jilted one. It makes perfect sense, really. Fad or no fad, sometimes the clothes are more honest than the people that are wearing them.

[Photos from The Buzz magazine.]

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Blogger moon said...

the pics here were hilarious. so ugly that they were funny!

1:51 AM  

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