Thursday, February 01, 2007

In repentance?

Apparently John Estrada dressed like a confused fourteen year-old boy living in 1984 for a sort of awards show where he was lauded as the Best Dressed Male Artist or some such other honor.

I've always thought a Best Dressed Anything should be more because of a style that respects the rules of good taste and decency. But I also believe that, so some degree, it is also because of an original style that, though strange, nevertheless works, with the elements blending together so seamlessly that we don't notice the strangeness of each element at first and see, only after a few hours of staring, that the Best Dressed Anything was actually wearing 12 necklaces or something, but that they, well, work, and give the impression that the Best Dressed Anything had not su much grown into his or her outfits but had actually been born in them.

So I am confused as to why John Estrada had gotten the award, because that rosary hanging around his neck is just so glaring to me, even much more so than the hot pink brocade blazer over a red-brown t-shirt. Is he asking for forgiveness and redemption from the heavens and the gods of fashion because he is dressed like Madonna in the eighties? With perhaps another ensemble, the Chuck Taylors would have been excusable, but with the plea for forgiveness and redemption and the tribute to one of the Roman Catholic Church's mortal enemies, the shoes just add to the confusion. Is he hoping for plenary indulgence, or defying his atonement?

[Photo from Yes! magazine.]

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Blogger The Motherhen said...

I cannot believe that he was a former model. I mean, sure, some men look good in pink, but this is just outright ridiculous.

To those who criticize this site, think of it as constructive criticism. People with horrible fashion sense should NEVER be allowed to roam the streets of Manila, moreso, proudly flaunt their faux pas on national TV.

Is Regine Tolentino a Laitera candidate? She should.

3:18 PM  
Blogger moon said...

pangit nung pink jacket. eeeek.

1:47 AM  

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