Friday, February 02, 2007

Still seven, I see

The makeup is good, the hair is acceptable, her skin tone is remarkably attractive, the style of the dress is cute, and even the color is nice. But what's with the bow? And why put something so primary-school at the front of the dress, when every grade-schooler knows it should be at the back of their party-slash-Sunday-frills-and-lace attires?

I cannot understand Jolina Magdangal. I don't know her personally (of course I don't, or else she would have already tried to scratch my eyes out with her blue-painted fingernails and then the entire country would be watching me on TV Patrol World with deep gouges on my wonderfully and subtly rouged cheeks, being pointed at in a very angry manner by a polka-dotted and psychedelic-colored outfit that has Jolina Magdangal inside of it, with Mario Dumawal smirking somewhere around the frame) but I can perhaps safely say that she does have a penchant for large bows and ribbons, layering different-textured garments, putting together clothing with colors that clash, and other tricks of the seven year-old vying for Daddy's attention. I can also safely say that she must be twenty-seven or twenty-eight, so I'm thrown by the sincere and concentrated effort to look about twenty years younger, which I would be able to understand and sympathize with were she, in fact, fifty.

But she is, in fact, in her twenties. But maybe she really is seven. At any rate. I would never know. I don't know her personally, so I cannot ask, lest she put her blue-painted fingernails to my perfectly made-up face.

[Photo from S magazine.]

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