Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I don't get it

And now we segue to that person that was mentioned at the ending of the previous post. He is supposed to be a gigolo, as many actresses have sworn to have been his girlfriend at one time or another and have complained of his unfaithfulness to them with other actresses who in turn have admitted to having been his girlfriends, and all the time he has been married -- and still is -- to one woman for about three centuries.

I would not have even mentioned him here if he looked like Either Pierce Brosnan or Blair Underwood or Marlon Brando before Marlon Brando turned old and pudgy and moved to Hawaii. But have a look:

Not only does he have a round moon face, a fat nose, thin old-granny-like lips, eyes that are almost disappearing behind the thick and fleshy folds of his upper and lower eyelids, and is wearing the collar of his sports shirt as if it were one of those starched trubinized bright white long sleeved shirts that everyone seemed to be wearing in the mid-eighties, he also has bangs. And said bangs look teased and hairsprayed. Give him some glittery bright blue eyeshadow and some rouge and lipstick and he could be the fat and desperate and off-key and aging version of one of the singers of Duran Duran. How was he able to be a gigolo with this look? Did those actresses merely had bad taste in men? Or did they have too much faith in themselves that they could teach him the proper way to wear his clothes and style his hair and also cure him of his chronic infidelity?

I suppose this photograph was taken for some sort of promotional purpose, as I cannot imagine why beauty queen Lara Quigaman, a beautiful British-educated woman with presumably good taste, would ever have herself photographed with Bong Revilla out of her own volition. If anything, she was probably thinking: "... ... ..."

I know. I can't understand it, either.


Blogger Erik said...

*muffled fits of laughter.

...granny thin lips got to me.

plus you are so right about the collar.

...who styled this pictorial? ahaha.

5:59 AM  

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