Monday, December 18, 2006

The plot thickens

Now who can ever forget this outfit, and the famous line that went with it: "Huwag nila itong maliitin dahil hindi madali ang mag-Eskinol sa puwit gabi-gabi." ("They shouldn't belittle this because it's not easy to apply astringent on one's ass every night.")

This photo, taken at an awards night, and way before Rosanna Roces' life took a nosedive, makes me quite nostalgic of the time when she did not yet have a confusing feud with Vicky Belo, have not been Mon Tulfo's girlfriend, did not have a sex video, have not gained two hundred pounds, have not announced on The Buzz that she had been gotten pregnant by the director of photography of the movie Feng Shui and that she had miscarried and all this while she was still married to another man, and did not have a grandchild from a daughter who had been gotten pregnant at sixteen by the equally-underaged son of a senator who is also an actor and who is , strangely enough, a "happily married womanizer."

And we thought, gawking at Rosanna Roces' ass while she was presenting an acting award a few years ago, that it could not get any worse.

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Blogger infatuatedflip said...

oh god, one of the most controversial person in the philippines.

4:51 AM  
Blogger Erik said...

wow. you are good at this.


5:58 AM  

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