Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wrong girl

When I first saw this cover, I did not recognize any of these people. I honestly thought they were some sort of small wax figures that were made to resemble one another, as proof that this incredible feat, gasp, can be done.

But then after about four minutes of staring at the cover, because it did look a little odd, it dawned on me that these were real people, Photoshopped to resemble wax figures. And then shortly thereafter I realized that these were real people Photoshopped badly. And then, in an instant, I realized that these were the fab four of the famed shampoo commercial that had one of them (girl three in cover) displaying her entire designer wardrobe at the shoot with a small army of personal assistants carting them in designer luggage and then the other one (girl four in cover) seething with envy over all that ostentatious display and then the third one (girl two in cover) taking the side of the first one because she understands the sentiment as she herself is also married to a foreign millionnaire after having been a part of the harem of yet another foreign prince in a rich oil-mining country and then the fourth one (girl one in cover) keeping mum about the whole thing because she is just that flat and predictable and so unremarkably staid and probably un-opinionated because she had never been part of a harem of a prince and never slept with a lot of men and so it makes me wonder why she is there in that quartet of pretentious liposuctioned social-climbing women instead of, say, Rosanna Roces. Because those other three, are, well, not so different from our favorite liposuctioned social-climbing palengkera, save for the fact that they do not have sex videos.

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Blogger grumpyurbanslacker said...

Yeah, the four of them look like aswangs....i doubt anyone would buy that shampoo they were endorsing after seeing this cover and the tvc.

you're quite bitchily funny, btw ;D

7:28 PM  

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