Sunday, March 26, 2006

Diyos ko day, Juday

Maybe it's pre-wedding jitters. Maybe she's really, truly blind because she's in love. Maybe it's what Ryan Agoncillo wanted. I simply refuse to believe that Judy Ann Santos was in her right mind when she stuck this royal blue nurse-cap on her head. Maybe it was her stylist's idea, in which case the stylist should be fired. Imagine ruining a perfectly good pictorial with that cap. And the royal blue with fuchsia is just so Cyndi-Lauper-slash-Duran-Duran-slash-That's-Entertainment. But on second thought, if the cap were the same color as the dress, would it look any better?



This reminds me of Sharon Cuneta and The Sharon Cuneta Show during its Dobie Arana days, when Sharon would be made to wear a perfectly good suit which would be ruined by something really off, like a green track stripe running up the side of the pants, or a vile-looking bunch of tassels hanging off the right breast of an otherwise perfectly acceptable blouse. It's like there was an irresistible urge to uglify what could have been rather nice. Which made me wonder whether Dobie Arana really liked Sharon or was secretly envious of her so she simply had to keep ruining the outfits and justify it as fashion while remaining on the Megastar's payroll. Which further made me wonder whether the Megastar was blind not to see that she was being uglified.

I see history repeating itself in this photo.


Anonymous anonabella said...

Oh my... samkindova lipistik shade, too. Diyos ko day, Juday indeed.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous marky said...

Irani airways just gave their flight attendants a makeover. To entice more patrons to fly with them, they came up with the belly-dancing nurse motif.

10:32 AM  

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