Monday, March 27, 2006

Oh so you think you're a queen-something

I know I should be more supportive of Pops, as she, after all, is the jilted wife who, when she began having romantic affairs with younger men post-jilting and had repackaged herself into a hot performer in midriff tops and bell-bottoms and psychedelic color and an embarassingly large tonnage of beads and glitter, had been condemned to death -- mostly by grandmothers and spinsters -- as if she didn't deserve some fun of her own.

She does, of course. No doubt about that. She's our Demi Moore, and we don't question Demi Moore.

But since we at Laitera have no soul, I am going to bash her anyway. The jacket is Raymond Lauchengco circa 1987. The strange net-like non-blouse is Pilita Corrales' hair protector for when she sleeps. The knitted head-thing is Jolina Magdangal back when people hadn't yet realized that she has no talent. The entire effect is not Concert Queen; it's Japayuki. Take off the black bra underneath Pilita Corrales' hairnet and it's Abante tabloid front cover. Take off the black bra and the jacket and it's Pegasus Pinup Girl.

And the hair! The hair is Kris Aquino about four years ago, dry and damaged from too much rebonding in Hong Kong when Ricky Reyes still hadn't gotten his clutches on the technology and made it available to a million desperate women who are now suffering from massive hair loss, which makes me wonder if Ricky Reyes does have the real rebonding technology right because Kris Aquino's hair, rebonded over and over in Hong Kong, is still intact. Or so I think.

Anyway. Pops. I don't care if you used to go out with Troy Montero. I don't care if you've shagged Brad Turvey. Please stop trying too hard to be young and hip because you're not anymore.


Anonymous marky said...

pops, poor pops. leave the reinvention to madonna. no one's buying it. the same applies to you, armida sigueon-reyna.

10:15 AM  

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