Sunday, March 26, 2006

A portent of things to come

There's something about this photo that really makes my heart ache with such deep and profound sharpness. It's not the fact that Kris Aquino appears to be wearing nothing but underwear again -- never mind that there's two layers of it -- and that the male model looks like he has a tummyache from diarrhea because he ate too much of the grilled squid that his gay admirer brought from the province, and that he is now wondering whether he has been poisoned or bewitched to love the gay guy and bring him back to his own country and marry him in a same-sex wedding. It's not the fact that she seems to feel no connection at all with the male model. It's not the fact that they both seem to feel cold with all that wind blowing over their naked / almost-naked bodies in the cold, unforgiving light that, if you ask me, seems hardly conducive to the act that their pose seems to be hinting is going to happen shortly. It's not the fact that Kris looks rather uncomfortable in her pose and is in danger of getting a stiff neck. It's not even the fact that she looks either bored or tired.

Maybe it's the fact that Kris once declared on The Buzz that she wants to be a Senator.


Blogger carl said...

this photograph heralds in the third wave of her political campaign. the first being her massacre films and the second, the string of scandals concerning lovers.

you just gotta love her publicist.

7:32 AM  

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